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Benefits of an eBike

eBikes rarely receive much praise and one could even go as far as saying there is a stigma surrounding them. Apart from the occasional electric car, there appear to be two extremes when considering travel. I am referring to what I would call ‘exhaustive’ travel such as walking a sole-pedal cycling which can be unrealistic over longer distances and the use of fuel-powered vehicles. The eBike strikes a balance in the sense it is environmentally sustainable while allowing the rider to travel further distances with the implementation of the electric motor.


Sweating and Steep Climbs: I use the term ‘exhaustive’ because often cycling to work can result in sweat which can be particularly uncomfortable when an office is not equipped with the necessary showering facilities. An eBike allows you to kick in the electric system during a steep climb or long cycle meaning you can travel further without having to exert your energy over strenuous periods of road.


This is an obvious one and is the same whether you were riding an eBike or a standard one, but hey, it’s still worth mentioning. For those who aren’t necessarily looking to exert themselves too much but are looking to help the planet, eBikes are an environmentally sustainable way of travelling without making you too tired. Besides, if you cycle more because you’ve got a little extra help, then it will help reduce a few more of those unnecessary car journeys! Furthermore, it makes a change to the fuel-powered vehicles that dominate the cities and contribute to the alarming pollution levels.

Easy on the joints:

One of the most appealing factors of an eBike is that it is more age-friendly than most other forms of transport. People of all ages can enjoy cycling as an electric bike takes less of a toll on your joints and knees.

Enabling a variety of ages to get out:

Exercising is a fantastic way for families to get outside meaning grandad isn’t left alone doing the crossword.


Most of all, eBikes are fun to ride! Whether you take the Mark2 Scrambler off-road or the X-Cross during your morning commute, you can enjoy yourself without having to exert yourself too much. Also, you can always be in the knowledge that if you want to relax a little more just activate the electrical system and appreciate the surroundings.