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Cycle Route in Wiltshire - Orange Route

Circular Cycle Route, Pewsey

Orange Route


Distance: Cycle route approximately 27 miles (43 km)

Elevation: + 480m

Description: Rolling country roads, short climbs and sweeping descents. Follow SUSTRANS Route 4 to Bedwyn and from Ram Alley on return.

Coffee stops: Beam engine Museum (Seasonal) or Bedwyn Post Office

Traffic: Generally light but many narrow country roads. Expect some traffic when departing and returning to Pewsey.

Cycle Routes in Wiltshire for eBikes

The eBike Cycle Route

From the shop in Pewsey High Street, climb aboard your eBike and head towards Burbage, turning off into quieter roads. Head to Ram Alley past Burbage Wharf Cycle along the towpath towards Bruce's Tunnel, prepare to be impressed!


Bruce's Tunnel to Savernake Forest

From Bruce's Tunnel you are heading towards Savernake Forest, believed to be over 1000 years old. To get back onto the road you'll encounter some steps, fear not, you can use the cunningly designed Mark2 'walk assist' mode, standard on our electric bikes, it will help you as you push the bike up. Pass Tottenham Manor and look over the sheep fields into the forest. Look around and you'll be able to spot the top of Aylesbury Column above the treetops. It's a perfect spot to take in the scenery and enjoy the tranquillity, and maybe quench your thirst.


Savernake Forest to Crofton Beam Engine Museum

Back in the saddle heading towards Great Bedwyn where you'll find pubs, shops and cafes, spend time here or power on through to The Crofton Beam Engine museum. This engine is the oldest working beam engine IN THE WORLD, it pumps water from the river into the Kennet & Avon canal network. Take a moment to appreciate how engineering has advanced as you climb back on to your Mark2 electric bike with its small but powerful engine.


Crofton Beam Engine to Pewsey

We know you will be growing attached to your Mark2 electric bike by now but sadly, if you have hired it, you'll need to bring it back! Head towards Pewsey, you have choices, you can choose to go along the towpath beside the canal past the old train bridge, or go past the famous Wolf Hall, the Seymour family seat and Tudor manor that inspired Hilary Mantel to write her novel. Picture the ruthless world of Henry VIII's advisor, Thomas Cromwell.

Old Train bridge, Pewsey

We hope you have enjoyed seeing Wiltshire by Mark2 electric bike. We look forward to seeing you back in the shop where we can plan the next route, we will keep publishing more cycle routes in Wiltshire in our Blog. Have a look at the impressive spec of the bike you have enjoyed here and you'll see why we are so proud of its amazing capabilities.