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Cycle Routes in Wiltshire


Approximately 48.3 miles (77.73 km). Elevation 1,747m, Decline: 1,587m. Perfect for one day(enthusiastic) or two day (leisurely) eBike rides.

A hilly, scenic route over beautiful downs. Climbs include Bulpits Hill, Hungerford Road and Clove Down Hill (Linkenholt).

Refreshments: Crofton Beam Engines museum café; The Three Tuns, Gt Bedwyn; The George Inn, Vernham Dean; The Fox Inn, Tangley

Traffic: Generally light but route includes some narrow roads. Expect some traffic on departure from and return to Pewsey.

Ram Alley Wiltshire Cycle Route ebike



Elevation 130 ft, 4.4 miles. On your Mark2 eBike, turn right out of the shop heading east towards Easton Royal on the B3087 along route 4 cycle network. At Easton Royal village hall, turn left, then keep to the right, this road is narrow in areas but easy on an eBike. Before long you reach Ram alley where you’ll start to get a taste of the beautiful Wiltshire country side.

Croft Beam Engine Museum Wiltshire


Elevation mostly flat, 4.3 miles. Continue on to cross the A346 and then turn right on Savernake Rd towards Burbage village. Turn left off the High Street on to Smithys lane and left again on to Taskers Lane and keep left to continue onto Eastcourt Road. Look for the left turn into Wolfhall road towards Crofton. At the end of the road turn right. The Crofton beam engine museum and café is well worth a visit . The museum looks over the Kennett and Avon canal and it transports you back in time, beautiful views in an old fashioned setting.


Elevation 305 ft, 295 ft decline, 7.4 miles. From the High Street, head east through Great Bedwyn onto Brook Street and then Jockey Green Road. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with gorgeous views of the countryside. Turn right onto Fosbury Vernham Dean towards Oxenwood. Pass through Oxenwood and Fosbury and about 7 miles from Bedwyn you need to turn right onto Bowers Lane. You’ll find the beautiful 17th Century George Inn on your left, lock up your electric bike, this is a great place to stay overnight or simply for refreshments.


Elevation 604 ft, decline 492ft, 12.3 miles. Turn right out of The George then, climbing steeply, turn right, heading north-east up Bulpits Hill. Soon after you begin a downhill you need to turn left for another steep ascent towards Little Down, not a problem on an eBike, flick the switch for extra power to your pedalling! At Little Down turn right, pass the church on your left then turn left, here you’ll begin a steep descent then you’ll turn right at the bottom towards Netherton.

Continue downhill heading south towards Hurstbourne Tarrant, an area of ‘outstanding natural beauty’. You’ll continue onto the A343 and at the bottom of the descent turn right (north-west) at The Square in Hurstbourne Tarrant towards Upton. Slight uphill to Upton you’ll follow the road round to the left towards Tangley finding yourself now on a steep climb, once you have begun to descend you need to turn right at the end onto Church Lane, continue on Church Lane all the way down into Tangley, slight left into Fox Plantation Drove where you can enjoy a cask ale at The Fox Inn which you’ll find on your right.

Wilton Windmill Cycle Routes in Wiltshire Cycling



Elevation 551 feet, decline 456 feet, 9.6 miles. Back up Fox Plantation Drove heading north towards Church Lane, you have a steady climb ahead. Take a slight right onto Church Lane then left onto the Roman Road. Continue climbing as you turn right onto Hungerford Road with a slight dip as you enter Conholt, you’ll be glad of your Mark2 eBike at this point. Through Conholt you turn left onto Chute Causeway, this part is much flatter. Follow the road round to the right and begin a short climb followed by a rewarding downhill. Turn left at Tidcombe and continue downhill to Marten. At Marten turn right onto the A338 and after 0.3 miles turn left towards the Wilton Windmill, the only entire working windmill in Wessex, a great place to stop.


Elevation 157 feet, decline 344 feet, 8.4 miles. The final leg of this fantastic journey will bring you back to Pewsey via Burbage, much of the route downhill. Heading west and downhill for 0.3 miles, turn right for a short climb before a steep downhill towards Crofton. After 0.6 miles turn left to go back past the Crofton Beam Engines museum again, after half a mile turn left again, still climbing then take the left turn after just over a mile into Wolfhall Road. 0.6 Miles later take a slight right onto Eastcourt Road and continue onto Taskers Lane, at the end turn left, begin your descent towards Pewsey onto the High Street at Burbage. At the roundabout turn right (3rd exit) onto the B3087, continue into the High Street at Pewsey and Mark2 eBikes will be on your left.

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