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X-Cross 520 Hybrid Electric Bike

X-Cross 520

X-Cross 450 Step Through Electric Bike

X-Cross 450

Scrambler Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike


Scrambler CL Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Scrambler CL

Scrambler CX Premium Trekking eBike

Scrambler CX

British made electric bikes

The benefits of British made electric bikes

As a British eBike brand, supporting British and bringing manufacturing and design back into Britain is important to us, and has many logistic and practical benefits. So, here, we’ll explore the benefits of British made electric bikes. 

The benefits of British made electric bikes  

Currently, our eBikes are designed in the UK, manufactured in Europe and shipped to our warehouse in the UK before being delivered to our customers. Many of the parts used to manufacture our eBikes are European, and some are Chinese. 

This works for us considerably well as we’re able to communicate effectively with our manufacturers and, being based just across the water in nearby Europe, our eBikes typically arrive at our warehouse in good time. 

What’s more, the quality of manufacturing is incredibly high which is something we pride ourselves in. 

However, our ultimate long term goal is to eventually bring manufacturing to the UK. 

To us, this makes sense as our warehouse is based in the UK and we design our new eBike models here in the UK. 

Bringing the manufacturing of our eBikes to the UK would enable us to have even more control over the process; faster manufacturing times, faster delivery times; employ British-based workers, and more closely support independent and British companies making the parts we need. 

At present, this is a goal of ours but it’s a goal we are moving towards. 

We are a British eBike brand; we’re based in Britain, we design our electric bikes in Britain and, one day, we will sell 100% British made electric bikes. 


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