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Can electric bikes go up steep hills?

Electric bikes make many aspects of cycling easier, but can electric bikes go up steep hills?

There are many benefits to owning an electric bike - or eBike - over a conventional bicycle such as accessibility, power assistance, and making the often stressful act of commuting easier and more enjoyable. But a question we are often asked is: can electric bikes go up steep hills? 

Can electric bikes go up steep hills? 

Due to the nature of electric bikes - bicycle frames using a battery and motor - they often make challenging terrains more accessible. 

The different levels of power assistance offered (between 3 to 5 levels depending on model) with Mark2 Electric Bikes, for example, enable you to ride further for longer, and tackle intimidating landscapes such as steep hills at a pace that suits you, without the risk of becoming too tired or losing your way. Simply choose the level of assistance you need and pedal!

In addition, all eBikes under the Mark2 Electric Bikes brand provide you with the option of turning off the assistance when you don’t feel it’s necessary; meaning that you can still ride any of our eBikes just like you would a manual bike. 

So, to answer the question: can electric bikes go up steep hills? Yes, they certainly can! 

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