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Can you charge an electric bike from a motorhome?

If you’re planning a road trip anytime soon, you may be wondering: can you charge an electric bike from a motorhome?

When you’re on the road and holidaying in your motorhome, it’s important to ensure all of your accessories and equipment are working and able, including your electric bike. But, should your eBike battery die or run low, can you charge an electric bike from a motorhome? 

Can you charge an electric bike from a motorhome? 

Fortunately, there are multiple ways to charge an eBike battery whilst on the road without too much hassle, including: 

Campsite hook up: if you are based on a campsite with power, you can connect to the site’s electricity supply (also known as a ‘hook up’); allowing you to plug your charger into the mains from a powerpoint in the RV just like you would at home.

Leisure battery and Inverter: if you have one or two leisure batteries in your van then you can use an inverter to charge your eBike batteries. The mains lead charger normally uses 2 amps and about 90 watts so even the smallest inverter will do the job of recharging your eBike batteries. To find out more about leisure batteries and inverters talk to our friends at RoadPro.

Using a portable power station: for avid and seasoned campers, getting yourself a power station, with the ability to charge multiple devices at once, may be the most appropriate solution to your electronic needs whilst on the road. Some motorhomes may come with one or you can buy one (or more!) separately, which can be a relatively affordable, portable option. 

Using a generator: a generator can also be a convenient option for charging your eBike, as even a small, portable generator should be able to confidently handle the demands of an electric bike battery. However, one downside of using a generator is that they can be noisy and require their own fuel!

Using charging stations: depending on where you’re going and how long for, it may be wise to check your route for electric vehicle charging stations, many of which can safely charge your electric bike. EV charging stations are becoming increasingly popular and accessible across the UK and Europe.  

In summary, should you wish to take your eBike on your next motorhome adventure, there are a myriad of options available to you for charging your electric bike both safely and conveniently; making your adventures all the more enjoyable! 

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