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eBike battery safety

eBike battery safety and preventing battery fires

Recently, there has been a spate of reported eBike and e-scooter battery fires which, in many cases, have involved eBike conversion kits rather than standard eBikes, but inevitably have many customers and brands talking about eBike battery safety and - specifically - fire prevention. 

eBike battery safety

It’s extremely important to mention early on that eBike battery fires are rare and not something that most of us need to worry about.

Cheap conversion kits and even cheaper eBikes available on the market - though tempting for so many customers looking to keep costs down - are actually those most likely to break, become damaged, cease to operate or - in these rare cases recently seen - start fires. 

This is because the parts used to make the battery (or the conversion kit) are of a much lower quality and not always quality certified, making them incredibly vulnerable to severe errors. 

For you, the customer, this means that a cheaper upfront cost could very well lead to greater costs further down the line, and much more risk - not only to the eBike itself, but also to your safety. 

Choosing a more expensive and high quality bike - like those offered by us here at Mark2 eBikes - means that you choose high quality parts that make up a certified quality product; a named and reputable brand manufactured using named, branded parts. Our batteries, for example, use Sanyo branded cells that come with a 3 year, industry leading warranty which can be extended to 5 years. 

In short, preventing eBike battery fires is something that starts with high quality parts and products, quality inspected and certified. 

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