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How many years does an ebike battery last?

Answering your FAQs: How many years does an eBike battery last?

eBike care and maintenance is an essential part of being an impassioned eBike owner - caring for, servicing and maintaining your eBike being the key to extending its life. But, how many years does an eBike battery last?

How many years does an eBike battery last?

Typically, eBike batteries last between 3 and 5 years - depending on how well the battery is maintained. Naturally, the more well-cared-for your eBike battery, the longer it will last. 

Within this, we recommend the following for eBike battery care; elements of which have been covered in a blog created for our sister company, County eBikes, in greater detail - a helpful and informative blog specifically about eBike battery care & maintenance

Make sure your eBike battery isn’t freezing before charging it: although specifically for consideration during winter, it’s extremely important to note that you should never charge your eBike battery on an occasion when the battery itself is below freezing. Charging your battery when it’s freezing will cause damage and loss of power. 

Keep your battery cool: that being said, keeping your battery cool will help it charge more effectively and retain charge. Ideally, your eBike battery should be kept out of direct sunlight and below 20°C. In short, temperature is a huge factor in caring for & maintaining your battery! 

Store in a cool, dry place: ok, this one is obvious but it should always be included in any eBike battery care & maintenance advice as it’s one of the most important and basic elements of battery care - store your battery in a cool, dry place; resisting the urge to keep it somewhere at risk of damp or rain damage like a shed. 

How long does a Mark2 Electric Bikes battery last?

We offer a 3 year warranty on our eBike batteries which can be extended to 5 years as required. 

Its expected lifespan is 800 cycles (800 complete charges) which, depending on how much you cycle, could be more than 5 years.

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