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How much should I spend on an e mountain bike?

How much should an e mountain bike cost?

If you’re considering buying an e mountain bike, you’re probably researching prices, costs and specifications; looking for the very best quality and value available, within the spec you need. As such, you’ll be asking: how much should I spend on an e mountain bike? Let’s discuss… 

How much should I spend on an e mountain bike? 

To answer this question, it’s important to consider the following - 

  • Your personal budget
  • Your desired spec 
  • Overall quality
  • Longevity and cost in use

Your personal budget: naturally, your personal budget will dictate the upper end of the e mountain bike you can afford - the brand, the spec and the overall quality of the eBike you choose. 

Your desired spec: high specifications, upgrades and accessories will inevitably change the price you eventually pay for an eBike - although many eBike brands do offer deals and discounts when purchasing eBikes and accessories at the same time so always be on the lookout for a good deal! Also important to note is that getting the e mountain bike and associated accessories that best suits your needs is worth the upfront cost - leaving you with everything you need to enjoy your bike straight away.

Overall quality: a great quality eBike will cost you more upfront than a lower quality, ‘cheap’ eBike but purchasing a ‘cheap’ bike could very well cost you more, long term! This is because cheap eBikes are made with cheap, low quality parts that will eventually (or quickly!) break and/or become damaged. This will lead to costly repairs, more frequent servicing and less cycling time. When it comes to eBikes, spending more can save you more in the long run!

Longevity and cost in use: when making any kind of costly purchase, it’s important to consider how often you’ll realistically use the product you’re considering buying; if it’s something, like an eBike, that you’ll use every day or several times a week - in place of your car to get you to work or every weekend as a way of spending quality time with your family & loved ones - it will be worth spending more for a higher quality product that requires little to no upgrading or the repair/replacement of parts. Something you use every day or almost every day needs to be durable and cheap products tend to break all too easily. 

At Mark2 Electric Bikes, we offer two electric mountain bike models - the Scrambler and Scrambler C - with prices starting from £1999. 

Our eBikes are made from the highest quality parts, by skilled manufacturers, and each of our electric bikes is offered with an industry leading, 3 year warranty. Meaning that, for the price, not only do you get a high quality eBike from a reputable British brand, but you also get invaluable peace of mind; the knowledge that, in the unlikely event something goes wrong with the Motor, Battery, Electrics or Cycle parts within the first 3 years, we’ll be there to help. 


View our Scrambler or Scrambler C, or browse our full range of eBikes for sale, here