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How to use an eBike to improve your fitness

Here, we’ll go through how to use an eBike to improve your fitness

One of the biggest and most widely considered benefits of owning and cycling with an eBike is the positive impact cycling with an electric bike can have on your physical and emotional health & wellbeing. So, here we’ll go through how to use an eBike to improve your fitness. 

How to use an eBike to improve your fitness

Start off slow: particularly if you’re brand new to the wonderful world of eBikes, and one of your overall goals is to improve your fitness over a specific period of time, it’s a good idea to start off slow. Moving from not cycling at all or cycling only occasionally to cycling many miles every day is absolutely not recommended and will likely do more harm than good! 

The best advice we can give you when beginning your eBike fitness journey is to start cycling little and often; try making time in your weekly schedule to go on a short bike ride a couple of times a week, working that up - as you gain more confidence and things become easier - to 3 or 4 times a week, adding a mile or 2 onto the distance, and so on until you’re riding several miles every day. 

The key here is slowly and consistently building up your stamina and endurance. 

Allow yourself the time and space to recover: just like weight lifting or intensive cardio workouts at the gym, it’s a good idea to allow yourself rest days - allowing your body (and mind) to enjoy a short period of recovery between eBike sessions will help you build up, not only your stamina, but also your muscles. 

Within this, listen to your body! If your legs are aching on a day you’ve planned to cycle, reschedule, take frequent breaks or go on a shorter ride than you’ve accounted for. 

Enjoy it!: you’re going to cycle more often and for longer distances if you enjoy it! Again, as with any form of exercise, you really have to enjoy it to make it part of your ongoing daily or weekly routine otherwise you’ll instinctively find excuses to skip it! 

Plan cycle routes you know are beautiful or challenging or hold some kind of interest to you, arrange to cycle with friends and make an afternoon of it or simply take a picnic with you and find a scenic place to pause and recover part way through your journey - anything you need to ensure you’re always having a good time. 

Commute with an eBike, if you can: if you work locally to where you live, swapping your car for your eBike is an effective and meaningful way to squeeze a daily cycling session into your schedule, without compromising or sacrificing time elsewhere; meaning you can exercise through cycling without going out of your way to do so. Cycling instead of driving just once a week will make a noticeable difference to your overall health and fitness. 

The added bonus to this being that you’ll inevitably spend less money on petrol or diesel, too! 

If you’re ready to improve your fitness using an eBike, browse our extensive range of electric bike, here.