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Is it worth getting an e mountain bike?

Is it worth getting an e mountain bike or are there more suitable options available? 

Electric mountain bikes are an extremely popular option in the eBike world; gaining in favour and desirability particularly over the last few years and, by many, deemed the best of all eBikes for sale. So, with this in mind, is it worth getting an e mountain bike? 

Is it worth getting an e mountain bike? 

Mountain eBikes offer a sturdy and robust frame; built for off-roading and tackling challenging terrains with confidence, ease and grace, and are therefore best suited to cyclists who seek adventure and thrills - cyclists who prefer riding along woodland or steep and winding trails and taking [manageable] risks with an eBike. 

Alongside this, electric mountain bikes - often referred to as eMTBs - deliver more torque to get their riders up steep hills more easily. 

What’s more, mountain eBikes offer power-assistance, meaning that your bike will do the hard work for you - helping you pedal long distances and across uneven ground. 

As a result, if you’re a cyclist who: 

  • Enjoys the challenge of off-road cycling 
  • Prefers not to plan [or not to have to plan] your cycling routes
  • Wants to get places quickly and cycle with speed
  • And enjoys an adventure

Then an e mountain bike is definitely for you! 

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