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What is a trekker bike?

Answering FAQs: what is a trekker bike?

The Scrambler 430CX Trekking Edition is the newest offering in Mark2 Electric Bike’s growing range of eBikes for sale, but what does ‘trekking edition’ mean or - more generally - what is a trekker bike?

What is a trekker bike?

A trekker bike - or trekking eBike - is an extremely versatile and popular style of eBike, great for commuting, touring, trekking and town cycling; a true hybrid and a cross between a road & off-road eBike. 

This means that a trekker eBike will confidently take you from office to home, to drinks with friends across town, and woodland adventures at the weekend. 

What’s more, due to the fact trekking eBikes are built for long distance cycling as well as commuting and cross-town or city riding, trekker bikes are designed for comfort, particularly in the saddle. 

Where does the trekking edition sit within Mark2 Electric Bikes?

We’ve introduced the Scrambler 430CX Trekking Edition to Mark2 Electric Bikes’ growing range of eBikes for sale in order to provide a wider demographic of cyclists with more flexible and multipurpose eBike options; offering an eBike fit for almost any journey. 

Within the context of Mark2’s eBikes, the Trekking Edition sits next to the X-Cross 520 hybrid eBike - offering something more ‘rugged’ than the X-Cross. 

In short, trekker bikes are true hybrid eBikes - offering comfort and genuine versatility to cyclists searching for an eBike that will travel with them wherever they need to go, be it commuting, town & city riding or off-roading. 

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