Designed in UK. Hand-built with Danish frame, motor, battery & electrics by Promovec. FREE UK mainland delivery.

X-Cross 450 Step Through Electric Bike

X-Cross 450

X-Cross 520 Hybrid Electric Bike

X-Cross 520

Scrambler Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike


Scrambler C Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Scrambler C

Scrambler CX Premium Trekking eBike

Scrambler CX

Scrambler CL Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike

Scrambler CL

Why Buy an Electric Bike? 21 Reasons

Why Buy an Electric Bike?

We can think of hundreds reasons, so can our customers, so we thought we'd highlight a few of the main one reasons to buy an eBike here, especially for you.

  1. Get fitter
  2. See more
  3. Go further
  4. Climb higher
  5. Power when YOU need it
  6. No worries that the ride might be too tough, flick the switch to add power
  7. Commute to work, beat the traffic, no parking stress, no parking fees
  8. Take your eBike with you to add adventure to car or caravan holidays
  9. Let your eBike take the strain
  10. Suitable for adults of any fitness level
  11. No worries about post Brexit restrictions, the UK is beautiful
  12. You still need to pedal, it's not cheating!
  13. Enjoy the fresh air, together or solo
  14. You don't need to get sweaty if you don't want to
  15. The Mark2 high torque motor is so quiet, nobody will know it's an eBike
  16. 14 Day, money back guarantee (But we know you'll love it)
  17. 2 Year warranty (we are that sure of our bikes)
  18. No need for bike ride tantrums, with a Mark2 eBike, no-one gets left behind
  19. Invest in a better lifestyle, make your future a healthy one
  20. A Mark2 electric bike has the longest-lasting battery of any eBike, up to 60 hours of fun
  21. Did we mention how quiet our eBike is? Check this out...

What Our Customers Say About a Mark2

 I’m absolutely over the moon with the bike ... It has enabled me to be more adventurous and extends my range ~ Derek & Rita Potts

Well done Mark2 - this is a product of which you should be proud. ~ Nick Gebbett

... would definitely recommend, a great looking eBike, excellent to ride it encourages you to cycle further than your original destination and you get a real feel good factor when riding this bike it makes you smile biking up hills! Thank You Mark2! ~ Jill

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