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Why eBikes are great for commuting

Want an eBike? No sweat…

Think about it.

What are the REAL reasons you don’t cycle to work?

Too much effort? State of roads in general? Dangerous drivers? The weather? Or maybe it’s one we non-cyclists always think of when they’re sat in traffic and a cyclist passes either going hell-for-leather, or struggling on with their journey, red faced and puffing their cheeks –namely, the ‘sweat issue’.

The last thing anyone wants is to arrive at work having effectively just done a several-mile workout. For some, taking a shower is not going to be an option as few businesses or office have that facility, so the alternative must be a quick spray of Lynx and then on with the day. Maybe in the clothes they rode in, too.

Not ideal for the cyclist and not wonderful for their colleagues, either.

Of course, the more forward-thinking companies do provide showers, but that’s not the end of the story. There’s still a change of clothes to make after the shower and – surely the clothes will be creased from being stowed in a backpack?

You see, these are the things people think about and if you can’t get around these issues – as many don’t – then they simply never take to two wheels and continue their sweat-free journeys.

Now, those who do make the cycle commute shouldn’t be offended by all this. It takes some real get-up-and-go to ride to work and back, it’s healthy and to be commended. Chances are if you’re a seasoned pro, you’ve got your routine off to a tee.

eBikes are a different proposition entirely. You’re on an eBike website so we would say that, right?

Well, while that’s partly true, it’s because it genuinely is a different proposition. You can get all the benefits of cycling – the freedom, the fresh air and impendence – while not having to exert yourself.

Yes, you’ll still pedal and burn calories, but the eBike takes the sweat away by helping you effectively glide up hills and slopes and actually enjoy cycling to your place of work.

And you can even travel in your work clothes.

eBikes can’t control the weather, so there may be cold and wet days – OK, there will definitely be cold and wet days – but there will also be crisp, autumnal mornings, spring sunshine and warm summer days, too. And you can enjoy it all, without a care in the world.

And the best thing is that on a Mark2 eBike, most people won’t even know it’s not a regular cycle…