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Will e bikes replace cars?

Particularly in an era of rising living costs, will e bikes replace cars? 

Previously, we’ve written about the economy of an eBike vs. a car, in light of the rising costs of fuel, and how - switching out your car for an eBike on daily and local journeys can save you an impressive amount of money year on year. But, with all their economic, physical and social benefits, will e bikes replace cars as the primary source of transport for most people? 

Will e bikes replace cars? 

There are multiple benefits to owning an eBike and cycling regularly - whether once a week or several times a day - including: 

  • Regular and consistent exercise 
  • The opportunity to enjoy some fresh air 
  • Lesser environmental impact than driving a car or taking public transport
  • Cost-effective commuting

And, especially during difficult financial times such as these, finding alternative - and cheaper - forms of transport to get to work and school has become a priority for most.

This has led to a natural uptake in eBike interest and purchases, with eBikes typically costing £12 per year in electricity (based on a daily 10 mile commute), compared to over £780 per year in fuel!  

Especially within cities, we’re seeing businesses and individuals alike turn to the humble eBike for deliveries and daily commuting; not to mention those who are now riding an eBike purely for health and recreational purposes - choosing, particularly in good weather - to enjoy an eBike ride with friends, family and loved ones. 

But, will e bikes ever actually replace cars? 

Although e bikes will never wholly replace cars, the following is a fair and realistic prediction:

eBikes will continue to become increasingly popular and, particularly for city living and working, will become the primary mode of transport for many working-age people; they’re a logical and sensible alternative to public transport and cars when it comes to short distance travel and, for this purpose, can save a commuter hundreds of pounds per year in running costs. 

All this, and the added benefit of providing a cyclist with the ability and opportunity to fit exercise into their daily routine without compromising or impacting on time. 

eBikes also have a lesser impact on the environment than conventional diesel and petrol vehicles and, given the increasing push towards petrol cars, we’re bound to see an even greater interest in electric bikes as - as a society - our desire to achieve a carbon neutral lifestyle increases. 

Will e bikes replace cars? Perhaps not, but they are a huge part of a healthier, greener future. 

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