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Carrying electric bikes on motorhome

Helpful hints, tips & advice around carrying electric bikes on motorhome

In our opinion, and maybe in yours too!, eBikes and motorhomes are the perfect staycation combination; park up in your chosen location, unpack your eBike and spend your time cycling around the local area; exploring the stunning countryside that surrounds you. So, to help you get the most out of an eBike in time for your next (or first!) motorhome holiday, we’ve put together some helpful hints, tips & advice around carrying electric bikes on motorhome. 

Carrying electric bikes on motorhome

Fortunately, there are lots of options available to you when considering how you’ll carry your electric bike on your motorhome, depending on what you want and what you’ll find most convenient. 

Options include: 

  • In-motorhome storage
  • Bike rack
  • ‘E-carrier’ or ‘chest’

But let’s explore these in more detail - 

In-motorhome storage: By in-motorhome storage, we simply mean storing your eBike within your motorhome and, no matter how large or compact your motorhome, often, this means choosing a folding electric bike. Folding electric bikes do exactly as the name suggests; folding - commonly in the middle - quickly & easily for convenient storage, whilst taking up very little room. 

Another advantage of choosing a folding bike to store *within* your motorhome is that your eBike(s) will be hidden from plain sight - reducing any risks from thieves which, although small, will always be a consideration, especially with something as valuable as a new eBike!

A fantastic folding eBike we absolutely recommend is the MiRider One, sold by our sister company, Hampshire eBikes

Bike rack: Bike racks enable you to fasten your eBike(s) to the back of your motorhome by way of a ‘rack’. Similar to car racks, bike racks for motorhomes are a safe and secure way of transporting your eBike(s) whilst on the road. It’s also important to note here that motorhome bike racks are slightly different to car racks, and eBike racks are much sturdier than normal bike racks due to the increased weight of an eBike. 

Alongside this, if using a bike rack is your preferred method of carrying electric bikes on motorhome, choosing a lightweight electric bike will be the most appropriate and convenient complement to this storage and transport option. 

Both our new X-Cross 450 and X-Cross 520 eBikes are particularly lightweight, especially for their size - manufactured with aluminium frames, and both weighing a total of just 21.7kg (with battery).

‘E-carrier’ or ‘chest’: Whilst they may not be common, they are available and a fantastic option for carrying electric bikes on motorhomes. Mounted on the back of your motorhome like a bike rack, an ‘e-carrier’ incorporates a bike rack with an enclosed chest that safely and securely stores your eBike discreetly

Simply place your eBike in the carrier, mount it onto the back of your motorhome, and close the carrier door - no-one will even know your eBikes are in there! 

In short, there are multiple options to consider when carrying electric bikes on motorhome, and many different eBikes to choose from that will help you get the most our of your next motorhome adventure. 


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