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Electric Bike? Here's Why You Should Buy One

Why buy an eBike?

What are your impressions of electric bikes? Have you ever thought, ‘an electric bike is for old or lazy people’, ‘I won’t get fit’, ‘they are ugly’, ‘they are too expensive’, or ‘electric bikes must be heavy’…It’s OK, many people do. The truth is, some electric bikes are ugly, many are expensive, Mark2 eBikes aren’t, they are beautiful, and affordable. Mark, founder of Mark2 was determined to produce an electric bike that performed better than other eBikes, that looked like an ordinary bike and was an affordable price. That look on people’s faces as they meet a Mark2 eBike for the first time  makes us feel warm inside. An electric bike is the best way to go further, climb higher and see more, up to 60 miles of assisted pedalling means a whole new world of opportunity appears.


Electric bikes from Mark 2 ebikes

But I’d look silly on an eBike with a big motor?

We agree that some eBikes look, well, silly, that’s why we designed ours to look as smart and cool as any bike. The Sanyo lithium-ion battery is not only longer-lasting than all of our competitors, but have a look at this…


Battery chamber on ebike Mark 2

Discreet battery chamber within the downtube

Does the motor on an eBike sound really loud?

Not in a Mark2! We want you to be able to explore the countryside in peace with nobody pointing as a noisy electric bike whizzes past. Our high-torque Promovec motor packs a full 250W power and is quiet enough for you to discover the countryside without disturbing it.

Are eBikes only for retired people?

No! The community of eBike enthusiasts around the world is rapidly growing and the market is diverse and increasing. Motorhome and caravan owners can jump on their Mark2 to enhance their holiday. Commuters beat the traffic, avoid congestion charges, save the environment and get fit using power assisted pedalling to arrive at work fresh as a daisy or power them home after a long day. The Mark2 X-Cross is the perfect choice for this and more. Our super robust Mark2 Scrambler is spear-heading the way in the mountain bike community too, bikers of all ages are loving it for its style and performance.

An NHS study produced in May 2019 has revealed that 29% of the UK adult population is obese. As well as poor dietary choices, a lack of physical activity is a contributing factor. According to the study:

Adults (aged 19 and over) should aim to be active daily. Over a week, activity should add up to at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity in bouts of 10 minutes or more, or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity activity spread across the week.

What if the battery power runs out when I need it?

Mark2 eBikes have almost twice the power of any of our competitors. That’s up to 60 miles of assisted pedalling, 60 miles! If you need a bit of power to climb higher, go further, or see more, we’ve got your back. No fears, no worries, with a Mark2, you can do it.


e-bikes on cliff at coast

Aren't eBikes expensive?

They certainly can be, our aren’t. Our vision was to make electric bikes accessible to as many people as possible. For as long as possible we aim to keep the price low. The quality of our eBikes is outstanding, as is the quality they bring to our customers’ lives. For us, it isn’t just about making money, it is about producing a product we are proud of, one that we know our customers are proud of too.

Any more questions?

Head over to our FAQs or contact us, we’d be happy to chat.


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