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Tips for summer eBike cycling

If you’re planning some summer eBike adventures, this article is for you…

Warm, sunny weather often gets us, as impassioned cyclists, excited for our next adventures - cycling with our friends across new and previously unexplored (to us) terrains or simply taking the family for a day out cycling across your local nature trail - with a picnic for after. Summer bliss, right!? So, here are our tips for summer eBike cycling; helping you take care of, and get the most out of, your eBike throughout the hot, summer months. 

Tips for summer eBike cycling

Pack the essentials: eBikes enable you to ride faster and longer distances than manual bikes, meaning you can cycle for longer. As such, especially during hot days, we recommend you bring a bag or backpack with you when cycling; filled with water bottles to keep you hydrated, energy rich snacks to maintain your energy levels, and an extra hat, just in case! Or, should you be riding with other people, consider packing a picnic to enjoy at the end of or in the middle of your journey. 

Regularly check your tyres: particularly during the summer months - when it’s hot and dusty, there’s gravel and sharp stones and twigs & branches all over - it’s extremely important to regularly check your tyres for any damage or punctures. A damaged or punctured tyre halfway through a lovely summer day out can bring the whole thing to a disappointing stand-still! 

Take regular, shady breaks: wherever you’re planning to take your eBike this summer, it will be worth spending a few minutes online observing the area you’re hoping to visit and looking for any shady spots where you can take a break and get out of the sun. Taking regular breaks in the shade will not only help you keep safe in the heat, but also give your eBike (particularly the battery!) a well deserved break, too. 

Do not store your eBike in direct sunlight: eBikes use batteries and batteries are sensitive to heat. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you do not store your eBike in direct sunlight or in temperatures of 113 °F or above. 

Consider cycling in the mornings: it’s typically much cooler in the mornings and, as such, we would recommend cyclists take advantage of these [slightly] lower temperatures by cycling in the mornings wherever possible, and avoiding venturing out during peak heat in the middle of the day. Although midday and afternoon riding can be absolutely beautiful, it is also when the heat is likely to be its most intense. However, if you do choose to cycle in the afternoon, working in regular breaks in the shade and keeping hydrated will help you through! 

Of course, however you choose to spend your summer and wherever you choose to take your eBike, the most important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself! 

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