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Can eBikes be used as normal bikes?

Answering your FAQs: can eBikes be used as normal bikes? 

There are many similarities and differences between electric bikes and manual bikes and one might be more suited to your cycling style than the other. But, if you’re only just starting out on your eBike journey, or in the early stages of considering buying an eBike, you may be wondering: can eBikes be used as normal bikes?

Can eBikes be used as normal bikes? 

One of the many appealing factors of an eBike is the ‘e’; the fact that eBikes run predominantly on [electric] batteries and can therefore assist a cyclist with their journey - reducing the physical exertion of cycling long distances and/or navigating steep hills and difficult terrains. 

This also means that, for a lot of people, eBikes make cycling that much easier as well as more accessible; eBikes, for example, often used to aid rehabilitation following injury, providing a valuable form of gentle exercise.

However, there may be times when an eBike cyclist doesn’t want to or can’t ride with the battery/pedal assistance. Is this possible?

The answer is: yes! eBikes can be used as normal bikes, should the need arise. 

Whether you’ve run out of battery near the end of a trail, you fancy a bit more of a challenge as you cycle or you need to remove the weight of the battery from the bike for a certain section of your route, it’s possible to ride eBikes with or without power, or remove the battery on most eBikes and ride them as normal [manual] bikes wherever necessary. 

Mark2 Electric Bikes have certainly been designed that way! Our batteries are easily removable with a secure key, allowing you the freedom to cycle however you wish. 

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